Bitter Winner: Congrats Sam Meyer!

sam meyer 1Wow! This contest was practically over before it started—that’s what happens when you dangle rare bitters in front of cocktailians. But then again, did anyone have a chance when matched against the sheer determination and will power of a man who seriously made the Discovery Channel go broke when they foolishly allowed him to ride in the Cash Cab!?! For real…he made way more  cash than these guys and he was all by his lonesome.

Congratulations to Sam Meyer, winner of the Beefeater Bitters contest, who took these photos of sam meyer 2himself & a bottle of the bitters at New York’s Death & Co (it was dark but you get the idea). For all his efforts (which included a failed stop @ Pegu) Sam will become one of just 100 lucky Americans to own the bitters, which were specially-made for Beefeater 24 by the folks at The Bitter Truth. Check out his blog—maybe if we’re nice he’ll share some tasting notes once he gets a chance to try them in a few cocktails.

And check out the photo below for a better look at the bitters bottle. Let’s hope our friends at The Bitter Truth make a few more so I can keep the games coming. Thanks so much for playing everyone!beefeater24_bitters

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