Beefeater 24—Coming to a City Near You!

beefeater-24Well, maybe. Earlier this year the new gin, which features natural botanicals and flavors such as grapefruit, bitter almond, orris root, seville orange and accents of Japanese Sencha Tea and Chinese Green Tea, made its debut in the States. But much to the dismay of gin-swigging cocktailians everywhere, it was only initially available in New York and San Francisco.

In September, Beefeater 24 will become available in Beantown, LA-LA Land, and the City of Brotherly Love. Keep an eye here for updates and photos from the fabulous launch parties! And if you’re still nowhere near any of these cities—Patience, dear friend! The brand plans to expand to even more markets early next year.

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  1. Great Blog – We have Beefeater24 in London. At the moment the brand is collaborating with the London Design Museum which is hosting the Super Contemporary Exhibition. There is a ticket giveaway: – I’ve been to it and I think it’s great.

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