“If It Smells Like Ass, Pull It Back”—Audrey Saunders, How’s & Why’s of Cocktails Seminar

CIMG3611Thursday at Tales started off…interesting. Steve & I met up with Camper English early for a wonderful breakfast at Begue’s. But on our way there, walking down Bienville, we had an unfortunate and horrifying experience. A truck carrying a sewage tank passed us by, revealing a huge hole in the tank and spewing said sewage before the street in front of us. The stink hit us like a wave and we practically broke out in a sprint, our hands pinching our noses.

Making memories…making memories.

Despite this start, the breakfast was great and so was the session that followed—The How’s and Why’s of Cocktails with Audrey Saunders.

This session started out fabulously with a tasty, foamy, citrusy Ramos Gin Fizz. Audrey & Tony C. discussed how best to bring classic drinks to modern times. They called it WWJTD (What would Jerry Thomas do?) VS. WSID (What should I do?). They made the point that classic cocktail don’t necessarily have to be made “by the book.” In fact, tweaking recipes from over sixty years ago can make them better (gasp)!

Other topics covered included using different gins for different cocktails (a point Audrey also made at the recent Gin Symposium in NYC), approachability behind the bar, the fact that Audrey appreciates a good Pina Colada or Cosmopolitan from time to time, and how to keep your mint from smelling like ass. And of course, in the case that the quality of your mint cannot be helped, pull it back!

More to come…

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