Winter Warmer

coffee-cocktailI’m not a winter person. There, I said it. I’ve lived in New England my whole life—seen blizzards, ice storms, and ever-so-many Winter Weather Advisories, but I never get used to it. Sure, a white Christmas is nice, but I think the cold weather should go out with the Christmas tree, come January 1st. Instead, I’m stuck with three (sometimes four) more friggin’ frigid months of frozen eyelashes, dry, pale skin, and static shock.


To soothe my soul and suppress my SAD, I like to sip on a nice Monte Cristo, a warm cocktail that combines the flavors of orange and coffee. If you’ve got the winter blues like me, thaw out with one of these bad boys and dream about sunshine and flip flops. Winter will be over before you know it….I hope.


Monte Cristo:


¾ oz. Kahlua

¾ oz. Hiram Walker Triple Sec

1 cup coffee

Whipped cream

Chocolate shavings

Orange zest


Rim a glass coffee mug with sugar. Add liqueurs and fill with hot coffee. Stir. Top with whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and orange zest.


Warning: while this drink is delicious it is not particularly figure friendly. If you’re New Year’s resolution is still alive check out some low-cal cocktails or limit yourself to one Monte Cristo as a “cheat.” Everything in moderation…


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  1. I like this post. Thank you very much. I will follow your Blog.

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