Thursday Drink Night with Sandeman Port

porto-sandeman1A quick announcement for all you boozehounds and cocktail aficionados—Sandeman Port is sponsoring Thursday Drink Night tonight at the Mixoloseum chat room. Join us from 7pm (EST) till God knows when, as we throw out Port cocktail ideas, give them a try on the spot, critique, and discuss. Ted Emerson, Brand Director for Sandeman will be joining us from 7-8pm to field questions so don’t be late!


What’s that? You’ve never been to the Mixoloseum? Easy Peasy…just go to their site, make yourself a username/password and come right in! It’s open to the public and we love to see newcomers! At the very least, check in here later for an update on all the evening’s fabulous creations. I now leave you with an awesome drawing of myself participating in Sandeman TDN. Take that Dr. Bamboo! Cheers!ccf12182008_000001 


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