If these walls could talk…

jameson1-2If you’ve been to New York (or, for that matter, any other major U.S. city) anytime recently, you’ve probably noticed that ads are everywhere! Much more than before, ads are popping up in truly unconventional spaces across the city, as brands try to get their message heard above all the noise. So, it’s no huge surprise then that Jameson Whiskey has started to advertise by projecting images on the sides of large buildings. Impressive ads, several stories high are showing up across New York and Los Angeles this month as Jameson begins this innovative campaign. What’s so innovative about it? Well…the walls are talking…


Ok, maybe they’re not “talking” per se, but they are communicating—with passers-by in real time. Imagine approaching a huge ad on the side of a building with a message that says “Hey you! Yes you, in the blue shirt.” It might just grab your attention, huh?


Copy-writers will be engaging people, whom they can see via camera, by communicating to them in real time—very cool. Wouldn’t you love to be behind that camera, watching people’s faces contort with confusion as they realize the ad is talking to them? I can imagine the stages in this process.


  1. The unenthused passer-by quickly glances at yet another ad on the busy New York City streets.
  2. Passer-by slows to a stop to contemplate why the ad’s text “Hey You” is so random. “How’s that supposed to sell Jameson?” passer-by will think to self.
  3. After ad types “Yes, you,” passer-by will point to self and look around to see if anyone else is noticing.
  4. After ad types something more detailed like “you, in the blue shirt,” passer-by will look at his/her shirt to confirm that it is, indeed, blue.
  5. A look of shock followed by goofy smiling and unbelievable laughter will follow, while the passer-by attempts to tell everyone around about what is going on.
  6. A crowd gathers to join in the fun and everyone is late for work. It’s ok, it was worth it.  

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