Sorry So Silent

I must apologize for the abrupt drop-off in posting this past week. I was on vacation in Maine and had some catching-up to do when I returned. There’s nothing like a beach vacation to get you thinking about summer cocktails. We’ve still got one good month left so why not give these a try at your final summer bash:


Blueberry Passion Mojito:


2 parts White Rum

2 parts Hiram Walker Blueberry Passion Schnapps

Juice of 1 large Lime

4-6 large mint leaves

Splash of Soda


Muddle the mint leaves in a Collins glass until the essence is released. Add ice to fill the glass. Add lime juice, Rum, and Schnapps. Pour into shaker and pour back into glass. Add two thin straws and garnish with a mint leaf.


Blushing White Peach Sangria:


1 part White Zinfandel

1 part Hiram Walker White Peach Schnapps

1 part Pineapple Juice (not from concentrate)

2 parts Lemon Lime Soda

2 Fresh Peach slices

4 Pineapple chunks


Fill a hurricane glass with ice. Pour ingredients as listed. Pour back and forth in shaker two times to mix and top with Lemon Lime Soda.


Mango Green Tea Frappe:


1 part Light Rum

2 parts Hiram Walker Mango Schnapps

¾ part Monin Green Tea Syrup

1 ¼ parts fresh Sweet & Sour mix

2 lemon squeezes

1 cup ice


Combine ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into a hurricane glass, garnish with a lemon corkscrew and mint sprig and serve.


What’s your favorite summer drink? Share it here & don’t be ashamed if it seems silly or simple. Who doesn’t love a nice, sickly-sweet frozen Pina Colada every now and then?


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6 responses to “Sorry So Silent

  1. jeff

    I would like to add a fall drink, seeing that it is just around the corner (ugh!).
    The Sider (Cider)
    1 part vodka
    1 part blueberry liqueur (could be Hiram Walker if you want)
    2 parts apple cider
    garnish with 2 apple slices
    sprtized with lemon
    serve in a martini glass

  2. My current three favorites which we first sampled in Italy.
    1.5 oz. Beefeater Gin
    1.5 oz. Sweet (Rosso) Vermouth
    1.5 oz. Campari or Aperol (FYI, Aperol is a bitter like Campari, but more dominantly orange flavor. It’s hard to get in the U.S. but worth it)

    Shake with ice, pour into whisky glass, garnish with orange slice…and don’t drink too many…they’re potent!

    Spritz (pronounced (Sprizz”)
    Originally brought to Venice by the Austrians so there’s a certain loyalty I have to the drink even though it doesn’t contain OVAL Vodka or Mata Hari Absinthe.

    1 oz. Campari or Aperol
    4 oz. Prosecco (preferably dry/Brut style)
    Serve in Champagne flute. Garnish with a berry.

    The classic cocktail of Harry’s Bar in Venice which is a total ripoff…15 Euro’s for a little tiny drink.
    1.5 oz. peach puree
    4 oz. Prosecco

    Stir and serve in champagne flute.

  3. jameswedmore

    Hey Sam!

    Saw your blog on Webtender! Love it, I had a fantastic BloodOrange Margarita about a month ago! The recipe is on my blog:

    Thanks Sam


    James Wedmore

    P.S. I added your blog to my BlogRoll

  4. gszaszko

    The Negroni is such a fantastic drink. Joana is a little less a Campari fanatic than I am so I replace it with Punt e Mes, a sort of cross between Campari and sweet vermouth, and it settles much more easily for her.

    I consider Punt e Mes the “gateway bitter”. I still need to get my hands on Aperol. Nice post, Sam; I’ll have to try that Mojito variation.

  5. Jennifer Clapper

    I don’t know all the “parts” and whatnot, but I do know a yummy drink when I have one. Or two. Or three! Here are a few of my favorites, Sam!

    Pear-adise (hahah)
    Absolut Pear Vodka
    Sierra Mist/Sprite/7UP
    Sour Mix
    (It tastes just like a delish, refreshing pear juice cocktail!)
    My special PEACH drink at my favorite bar:
    Peach Vodka
    Peach Schnapps
    Cranberry juice
    “The Clapp” named after me! Jenn Clapper!
    Vanilla Vodka
    Sour Mix
    (This is a yummy, almost dangerous drink. You can’t tell you’re drinking!)

  6. Sam

    Jeff-Sounds like something I’d def. like to try though I’m not ready to give up on summer just yet!

    Steve-I can never get enough of Bellinis but have to admit I’ve yet to try the Negroni.

    James-Thanks for checking me out here. You’ll see I’ve returned the favor 🙂

    Jenn-I love all-things-Peach, so your “special PEACH drink” which seems like a little twist on a Madras sounds delish. As for “The Clapp,” I’ve never been a fan of Amaretto & sour, but I’ll give it a try. Thank God it’s named after you and not…well…nevermind.

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