The Newbie

It was only a matter of time before I too started publishing my thoughts about all things cocktails. I’ve been a big fan of several cocktail blogs for awhile and finally thought I’d break the silence and say my piece. Am I a journalist? Well, not quite. A bartender? Was. Cocktail enthusiast? Sure! Though I won’t pretend to know everything about them. I’m still learning. The truth is I work hand-in-hand with the spirits, wine, and beer industry, and wanted to join the cocktail blogosphere to start playing a part in some real discussion about cocktail culture. Join me for a round! 


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3 responses to “The Newbie

  1. Welcome! I look forward to seeing what insights you bring and what experiences you share in your adventures.


  2. good luck – I look forward to sharing a cocktail at “Tales of the Cocktail” with you

  3. Marla

    Thanks for the insight and recipe ideas! I’ll be checking in frequently for new coctail inspirations. Best of luck and keep up the good work.

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